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Publication numberDE69507210 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995607210
Publication date25 Feb 1999
Filing date16 Jun 1995
Priority date30 Jun 1994
Also published asCA2148390A1, CA2148390C, CN1124399A, CN1168090C, CN1320524C, CN1320526C, CN1661682A, CN1661683A, CN1783219A, CN1783224A, CN100350458C, CN100363985C, DE69507210T2, EP0690442A2, EP0690442A3, EP0690442B1, US5689384, US6021013, US6282051, US6320719, US6462904
Publication number1995607210, 95607210, DE 69507210 D1, DE 69507210D1, DE-D1-69507210, DE1995607210, DE69507210 D1, DE69507210D1, DE95607210
InventorsThomas Robert Albrecht, Robert Carl Barrett, James Howard Eaton
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Servosteuerungssystem Servo control system translated from German
DE 69507210 D1
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International ClassificationG11B5/584, G11B5/265, G11B5/58, G11B21/10, A63F7/02, G11B5/596
Cooperative ClassificationG11B5/584
European ClassificationG11B5/584
Legal Events
10 Feb 20008364No opposition during term of opposition
13 Aug 20098320Willingness to grant licenses declared (paragraph 23)
17 Jun 20108328Change in the person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: DUSCHER, R., DIPL.-PHYS. DR.RER.NAT., PAT.-ANW., 7