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Publication numberDE69535824 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995635824
Publication date9 Oct 2008
Filing date19 Jul 1995
Priority date22 Jul 1994
Also published asEP0772813A1, EP0772813A4, EP0772813B1, US5748891, US6002708, US6385268, US6400754, US20010053174, WO1996003689A1
Publication number1995635824, 95635824, DE 69535824 D1, DE 69535824D1, DE-D1-69535824, DE1995635824, DE69535824 D1, DE69535824D1, DE95635824
InventorsRobert Alan Fleming, Cherie Elaine Kushner
ApplicantAether Wire & Location
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Spreizspektrum-lokalisierungsvorrichtungen Spread-isolation devices translated from German
DE 69535824 D1
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International ClassificationG01S19/19, G01S1/02, G01S11/02, H04B1/707, H04B1/709, H04K1/00, H04B15/00, H04L7/00, G01S1/04, G01S13/87, G01S1/00, G06F7/38, G06F17/15, G01S5/00, H03B5/18, G01S13/08, H03B5/08, G01S19/46, G01S19/44, G01S5/14
Cooperative ClassificationG01S1/045, G01S5/0063, H04B1/709, G01S1/026, G01S13/876, G01S5/0072, G01S5/009, G01S11/02, G01S5/14, H04B1/707, G01S5/145
European ClassificationH04B1/707, G01S13/87D, G01S1/04B, G01S5/00R2B, G01S5/14, G01S5/00R5, G01S5/00R3
Legal Events
17 Sep 20098364No opposition during term of opposition
20 May 20108339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee