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Publication numberDE69625418 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996625418
Publication date30 Jan 2003
Filing date11 Mar 1996
Priority date24 Mar 1995
Also published asDE69625418T2, EP0760998A1, EP0760998B1, US5966276, US6097571, WO1996030897A2, WO1996030897A3
Publication number1996625418, 96625418, DE 69625418 D1, DE 69625418D1, DE-D1-69625418, DE1996625418, DE69625418 D1, DE69625418D1, DE96625418
InventorsAize Draaisma, Abraham Hoogendoorn
ApplicantOnstream Inc
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Magnetkopf und system zur kontrolle der position eines magnetkopfes Magnetic head and system to control the position of a magnetic head translated from German
DE 69625418 D1
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International ClassificationG11B5/58, G11B5/31, G11B5/39, G11B5/55, G11B5/33, G11B5/29, G11B5/596, G11B5/008, G11B5/48, G11B5/584, G11B21/10, G11B5/265
Cooperative ClassificationG11B5/584, G11B5/00817, G11B5/332, G11B5/4886, G11B5/3103, G11B5/2654, G11B5/2652, G11B5/4893, G11B5/313, G11B5/29, G11B5/3967, G11B5/58, G11B5/488, G11B5/5508, G11B5/596, G11B5/59633
European ClassificationG11B5/584, G11B5/48D2, G11B5/55B1, G11B5/31B, G11B5/33B, G11B5/31D8, G11B5/48D1, G11B5/58, G11B5/39C3
Legal Events
22 Jan 20048364No opposition during term of opposition
5 Jan 20058339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee