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Publication numberWO2001001166 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2000/015568
Publication date19 Jul 2001
Filing date6 Jun 2000
Priority date7 Jun 1999
Also published asUS6271786, US6392585, US20010024170, WO2001001166A2
Publication numberPCT/2000/15568, PCT/US/0/015568, PCT/US/0/15568, PCT/US/2000/015568, PCT/US/2000/15568, PCT/US0/015568, PCT/US0/15568, PCT/US0015568, PCT/US015568, PCT/US2000/015568, PCT/US2000/15568, PCT/US2000015568, PCT/US200015568, WO 0101166 A3, WO 0101166A3, WO 2001/001166 A3, WO 2001001166 A3, WO 2001001166A3, WO-A3-0101166, WO-A3-2001001166, WO0101166 A3, WO0101166A3, WO2001/001166A3, WO2001001166 A3, WO2001001166A3
InventorsJimmie D Huff, Alexander Niechayev
ApplicantRaytheon Co
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Random noise radar target detection device
WO 2001001166 A3
A radar system (10) which transmits a random noise signal. The transmitted signal is embodied as an electromagnetic signal and is directed at an object or target. The object or target reflects at least a portion of the electromagnetic signal which is returned to the radar system. An image of the electromagnetic random noise signal is stored in memory (16) and compared with the returned modulated signal. Based on the correlation value, a determination is made regarding the object or target. In a particular implementation, the radar system is used in a target detection device (TDD) (10) in order to determine the distance from the target or object to the device and the relative velocity of the target or object and the device. When the target or object reaches a predetermined distance and also satisfies any other system requirements, the TDD (10) initiates a detonation signal which causes detonation of the missile or warhead.
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International ClassificationF42C13/04, G01S13/34, G01S7/36
Cooperative ClassificationG01S13/346, F42C13/042, G01S7/36
European ClassificationF42C13/04C, G01S13/34F, G01S7/36
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